Monday, August 10, 2009

Ode to Who did you say?

Ode to...Who did you say?
Fun with American Idioms

Though you love your ol' stinky cheese,
Please note I don't like your whine.
You'd try to sell honey bees,
As all will find out in due time.
You gloat when you pander your load,
To those who don't see your fresh crap.
You really should just hit the road.
You're the rat who got caught in the trap.
You've got your finger in every pie,
But that way you'll just get potluck.
You think you're a wolf in sheep's clothing.
You've got rocks in your head and you suck.
Go shoot off your mouth but I think you will find
you can't with your foot stuck in there!
You've offered to give me a piece of your mind,
But that piece leaves your whole cupboard bare!
On the good ship Lollipop,
I hope you do trip and your head does pop.
Have a lousy day
and your ship does sink in Bramblesham Bay!
The oasis of obscurity is your home.
You're nothing but shadow in fog.
You're opinion makes all of us groan,
You're NOT the tail wagging the dog.
Keep your nose clean or you'll pay through that nose.
You look down your nose at so many!
You've got bats in your belfry and everyone knows,
Those belfry bats can be a'plenty!
Bats in Your Belfry?
You're lily livered, a weasly stuffed shirt.
You don't have a leg to stand on.
You fancy yourself, you chase every skirt!
You spoil all that you get your hands on.
I'm taking the bull by the horn!
This is straight from the horses mouth!
It's simply duck soup, you're such a big poop,
And this ballad's from ME in the South!
So take your trimfloppers and all your bambluzers
And go eat your bread butter side down,
You're face is all schmoggy so don't call me Moggy!
I think your a piece of crap clown.

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